Free Membership

So You Want To Get FREE AGA Membership!!

What do you need to do to get it?

Well it's very simple, all thats required is...

  1. Give us 3 legitimate names and email addresses of people you know that would be interested in Golf. (the contacts cannot already be AGA Members)
  2. Include your name and email address as the redeemer of the Free Membership.

Thats it! You will be given a Free 3 Month AGA Membership to play any of the Golf Courses in your State. Valued at $25.00.


But thats not were it stops if the people you recommend join up then you'll also get the $5 Bonus per person to use on renewing your next AGA Membership.

So maybe you know a number of people that would like to play Golf at discounted rates then your well on your way to a FREE Membership for 1 year, its just so easy!!
Remember they cannot already be AGA members!
So as an example if you submitted a dozen email addresses and names of your Golfing contacts you'll get a full year of FREE Membership thats a saving of $55.00 plus you would be already getting $5 Bonus  off your Renewal. Also if any of those Golfing Contacts you recommend to us join up you will also get the $5 Bonus per Person to use as your ongoing AGA Membership. So you may never need to pay for a AGA Membership again.

Conditions: The Golf Contacts you give us cannot already be AGA Members and you must register yourself with us even if it is only as a forum membership (forum membership is Free). NB:If you need help with getting your membership started just contact us and we will only be too happy to help.

To begin just click a link below..

Page last Updated: Nov 18 2007, 04:23 PM