Free Advertising

So you want to Advertise your Golf Course for FREE !!

What do you need to do to get it?

Well it's very simple, all thats required is...

  1. You give us 3 legitimate names and their email addresses of people that manage other Golf Courses (not already found listed on our website).
  2. Include your name and Golf Course as the redeemer of the Free Advertising.

Thats it! You will be given a Free month Advertisement on our site. Valued at $100.00.

But thats not were it stops, when those Golf Courses you recommend sign up you then also get a Bonus Month per Golf Course, (remember we are a Golf Course Search Engine) so you could be getting 4 months totally Free thats a nice saving of $400.00 (not bad for a couple minutes work eh?)

So maybe you know a number of people that run other Golf Courses then your well on your way to FREE Advertising for 1 year, its just so easy!!
(Remember they cannot be already listed on our site!)

Lets say you submitted a dozen email addresses and names of your Golf Course contacts, you then would get 4 months Free Banner Advertising, and when these courses showcase themselves for Free on AGA's website as you have, then you would earn an extra 12 months on top making it a total of 16 months Free Banner Advertising thats a  huge saving of $1600.00.

Conditions: The Golf Course you manage must already be showcased on our website prior to getting the Free Advertising offer. To be on the AGA website as a full page is totally FREE this includes a photo gallery, course scorecard, course info plus lots more. NB:If you need help with getting your Golf Course onto the website just contact us and we will only be too happy to help.

To begin just click a link below..


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